Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why the blog?

First of all, I have to say that after having my son 10-months ago, I have made friends with an amazing bunch of women. My only regret is that we are all so busy with our little ones that we unfortunately aren't able to get together more often. Whether it is friends from my "Preparing for Birth" class, the parents support group through the hospital, or our neighbors, it is fantastic to have others going through the same trials and tribulations (and joys!) and to be able to share our experiences and advice.

So, with so much shared experience, it was a real shock to me that everyone was very disappointed by the amount of food advice that we each received from our pediatricians. For the most part, I felt like I was hearing things AFTER the fact, and not receiving too many warning about what to avoid. Instead, I had to stumble upon this advice through books or online searches. Therefore, the blog. I'm hoping that I can pull together my experiences and those I hear from friends to help out others who feel lost in the world of baby food!

This is the first official post, however, I may put in some backdated entries so that some of my discoveries are in the correct chronological order. Also, despite the address "babyfoodie" I have to say that the food I prepare for Kyle is far from gourmet!

Finally, I speak from my experience and what I pick up from friends. However, everyone's experience is different, and if you have ANY concerns about feeding your child, please check with your pediatrician.

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