Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ranking Organics

When Kyle was born, and even when I was pregnant with him, I really had not done much research into organic produce. But now that he is eating everything, and I am again eating for two, it seems even more important these days.

I recently went to a great 4-session cooking class that I would highly recommend for anyone living in the Bay Area. It is taught by Jeff Wampler of Eclecdish, a stay-at-home dad who attended the same support group as I through our local hospital. The course is designed for Busy Parents, and I did learn a lot of great tips. In addition, he focused on purchasing produce from local farmer's markets, to ensure that foods are in season and fresh, rather than shipped from across the world! He also mentioned the following list of foods, and their ranking in regards to pesticide contamination. For those who can't find/afford to buy ALL organics, you can definitely decide which ones are a priority for you. For example, with onions being at the bottom of the list, Jeff isn't too concerned about buying non-organic onions. It's up to you to make the decision of where you make the cut... Happy shopping and eating!