Sunday, April 22, 2007

Egg Yolks

I first gave Kyle egg yolks a month or so ago, and he wasn't too wild about it on it's own. Per suggestions I picked up from a Happy Baby class (more like sales presentation), I added some mashed banana to the egg yolk, and also a little sea salt. He seemed OK with it, but obviously didn't love it because I ate what was left. It tasted like salted banana, not much of a yolk taste, although the texture was pretty creamy.

Now that Kyle is getting to be a big boy (10-months old on Tuesday!) he loves having finger food for dinner, no more of that cereal and puree, that's only for breakfast. So a typical menu for him is small chunks of mild cheddar cheese, pieces of well-cooked green beans, bite-sized pieces of toast, and cubes of chicken breast (sauteed whole in olive oil and then cut up) Tonight, I was out of chicken, and he wasn't too wild on the cannellini beans the night before, so I was looking for a new protein idea for him. Hmmmm... why not egg yolks again?

So, I VERY carefully separated the egg yolk from the egg white (no egg whites until he is past 12-months) and was going to scramble it in a pan when I realized "Kyle's already strapped into the high chair eating some dinner and waiting for the rest, so I'd better hurry. Plus, why do I want to dirty a pan for one egg yolk?" So, transfer the egg yolk into Pyrex custard cup, add a little water to try and get the rest of the yolk out of the previous container, whip it up quickly with a salad fork, and stick it in the microwave. I put it in for 30 seconds, then run a knife around the rim of the omelet and dumped it out of the cup, cut it into bite sized pieces, made sure it is cool, and voila, happy baby! He loved it, I'm thinking we may have a new favorite food! I was a little worried whether it was fully cooked or not (hence the multiple additional 5-seconds in the microwave) but it wasn't runny when I was finished, and not dried out, but light and airy instead.

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